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3 Awesome Ways
To Connect with Prospects

Using the Power of Compliment
Want a classy approach to send killer messages while generating new leads?
Giving the right compliment has been the #1 way to grab attention and make new connections.
However, if you overdo with flattery or use cliche statements, this makes you appear as a sleazy salesman, which kills all chances of continuing a productive conversation.
Luckily, there is a right answer to `how to make compliments` question.
To start, let's define why using compliments is still a working method to generate new leads and make new connections.
Top salespeople know that trust is always more important than competency or price in sales. Trust is the reason why so many people are buying from their friends or someone they know even if the deal is way less beneficial.

It doesn't matter if it's B2B or B2C, there's always a human behind the title. Which is why you need to literally seduce them into getting to know you better.

Here's how you build that powerful lead generation message:

1) Find what you sincerely like about the person you're contacting and state it directly.

2) Use `because` frame to justify the compliment. Without it, the person you're reaching out to will only think: `What are you trying to achieve with it?`
The simple `I'm saying this because...` would do.

3) Tie it down with a logical question like asking for a piece of relevant advice or asking to share the success story.

Please note, it's not a time to ask `What's your main struggle?` yet, because this brings up an instant sales resistance.

Asking something like `How did you manage to achieve this?` or `How did you get this far?` is a way better opener after a compliment.

Moreover, we're talking about building a relationship, not a list of accounts that responded.
That's it, you now have a smart and sincere `magic of 3` style`* connection message to send to your newly generated contact list.
Still afraid of being rejected after sending a compliment?

Try these steps to avoid awkward situations while giving compliments:

1) Report a compliment.

Do the research and see what other people are saying about your new lead, especially if you have shared connections.

Tell a compliment using a third-person: `I'm writing because Mr. Smith said you were able to achieve high employee retention in your sales department.`

2) Tell compliments about other people.

Why won't you do the reverse of the first step and have someone report your compliment?
Moreover, chances are these people will also respond by giving someone a compliment which you can use in step 1.

You'll be surprised at how often people report your compliments and what opportunities your reputation can create.

3) Send a quick`Thank you` letter after a meeting or a call.

What a perfect place to state a compliment that people will remember!

Here's my challenge: for a week, make at least 5 compliments like that in your day-to-day situations!
I guarantee you'll enjoy the process and the result if you remember to keep it simple, sincere, and specific.

*`Magic of 3` is a classic rhetorical construction that incorporates 3 elements that escalate the message. We hear it so often that our brain is literally fine-tuned for a 3 element construction.

Made famous by Julius Caesar's `I came. I saw. I conquered.`
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