6 Awesome Ways to Bring Life to Your Linkedin Lead Generation

Digital marketing is incomplete without a LinkedIn profile building, especially when it comes to promoting IT startups. While most business gurus see this as a necessity, only a few use it as a marketing tool.
Often, these individuals will let you understand that creating a LinkedIn account will connect you with other professionals and give you a wide exposure but they rarely speak about lead generation or prospecting.

You may have a wonderfully written and managed LinkedIn account as a professional but as long as that account isn't dedicated into lead generation or attracting prospective customers, you have only succeeded in joining the Band Wagon of business owners who have a portfolio but no real purpose of it.

Unlike the other social media accounts, building and utilizing your LinkedIn account for lead generation and prospecting exposes your services not to just any category of clients but professionals in the field.

To effectively generate leads using your LinkedIn account, we suggest you take note of the following;

1) Attach a digital version of your commercial to your profile:

One of the very first questions you will be asked while registering your LinkedIn account should be this; "What do you do?"

In providing the answer to this question we suggest you create a 30 seconds digital commercial on your product and services and attach it to your profile. This won't just tell your visitors what you are capable of doing but also how they can engage with your services.

2) Add Connections to your network:

The more connections you have in your network, the greater your visibility on the platform. The connections enable you to establish a professional relationship with other professionals while increasing your visibility. On LinkedIn, everybody is a potential customer. But don't just add people you without a connection message. Think of who is the recepeint, what might get him/her interested to get talking, not buying right away.

3) Study the behavior of your network and connections:

Take a good time of your day studying the behavior of your connections on the network. Try to learn what really appeals to them in terms of content and leverage on that fact to present your services to them. A careful but in-depth study of your connection will surely reveal their preferences to you.

4) Keep your account active:

On a daily basis, spend at least 5 to 10 minutes of your time creating or sharing wonderful post your clients can relate with. An inactive LinkedIn account is as good as having a cool art masterpiece in kept somewhere in your basement.

Always keep updating your account with fresh information and posts to retain your audience.

5) Actively participate in group discussions

People get to know you better when you are an active member of a team. The more active you are in a group discussion, the better your chances of attracting the right kind of clients and customers. Being active in groups does not mean posting irrelevant comments in the discussion section; these comments should sound as professional as possible.

6) Write a recommendation

Find a non-creepy opportunity to recommend your prospective clients on the network, by doing this, there's every possibility of these individuals recommending you too (or at least be grateful, which also matters in building your personal brand)

Recommending others increases your exposure on the network.

What's next?

Create a consistent habit or lifestyle of investing some time into your LinkedIn account. Create wonderful posts and have as many connections as possible since these individuals can serve as your prospects. There are hundreds of other details involved, but LinkedIn's is still worth figuring them out.

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