Don't Wanna Go to Work After Vacation?

How to Get Back to Work After Vacation. 1st week recovery plan.
You've chilled really nice, you've had a good sleep and zero stress for the last two weeks, right?

But you still feel the 'I don't wanna go to work?'
When you return after vacation, you realize that probably a huge contrast is waiting for you. Usually, the first week is the most troublesome
Here are a few things that will ease your life when you don't wanna go to work after vacation:
1) Preparation and planning before going on vacation

A week before you go on a vacation, carefully delegate your responsibilities. Review your documents and even write a backup plan for your mates who will be taking care of your duties while you drink a cocktail on that sunny beach.
Invest some time in your total relaxation during your vacation and confidence that everything's gonna be alright when you come back.
2) Timing your return

I know it's tempting to spend every single day possible resting at a resort. What you should really consider is coming home a few days earlier. This way, you'd be able to have a good sleep if you were on the road for quite some time and will help you adapt back to your ordinary reality. Ideally, you'll get bored of lying on a couch at home and will be happy to come back to your routine.

One more useful piece of advice that's often neglected is to schedule your return from vacation on a mid-week day like Wednesday. This will give a more smooth adaptation.
3) Scheduling your activities for your first week

As we're talking about a smooth adaptation for your 1st post-vacation week, think twice about your activities. Don't get too much on your plate. Make sure you're taking it piece-by-piece. You definitely don't want to stay overtime right away and start feeling a slave to your job.

4) Networking

Make sure you have enough time to talk to your friends at work and regain that social power. What's even more important here is that it's vital that you learn about all the updates at work that happened in your absence.

5) After the working hours

Schedule some fun for your after-work hours. Go to the cinema, play bowling or hang out with your family and friends. Your purpose is to have some bright moments. This way, your brain won't perceive your job as an enemy. And won't feel like your doing that dreading work. As a result, that 'I don't wanna go to work today' feeling should fade away and you'll get back to normal life.

Remember, we start feeling depressed when our brain says, `Hey man, what you're doing is wrong. What you're doing won't make you happier`. That's why the only way to avoid feeling depressed is to convince your organism and brain that your job is your friend, not an enemy.
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