Popular Myths About Sales Success

What do you imagine when you think of a salesperson?
As a salesperson or someone who works with salespeople, you probably have mixed feelings about them.
Let's figure out what's real and what's false about sales reps and how they work.
In this article, I'll go over the mistaken stereotypes about salespeople and popular sales tactics that only work in sales books.
1) A salesperson has to be an extrovert

Selling is about showing the right things at the right time and acting congruently. Does it have anything to do with an ability to be friendly and outgoing? Probably not. I know so many top-performing introverted salespeople, they never say too much, they listen and analyze customers carefully and respond respectively.

Moreover, introverted salespeople tend to be more accurate with the accounting part (CRM, contracts, formal communication).

2) Reciprocation - If I give something to you, you'll give something to me.

Building sales is more relevant to building trust and relationships. Buyers already know your interest and will perceive you as a manipulator if you're trying to give something with an expectation of return. That's why reciprocation doesn't work anymore.

However, you can give value with the intention to build trust and prolong communication. That's a genuinely subtle difference, let me illustrate with an example:

Doesn't work:
You give a demo expecting that because the client took the free item, he'll come back for more. = Manipulator
Does work:
You give a demo and explain how exactly it brings the result you promise.
You do this while learning about customer's needs and building communication = putting everything on the table and displaying transparency to build trust.

3) Art of sales is a bag of psychological tricks

Nowadays, when everyone is trying to sell something, customers are susceptible to old-school psychological manipulation tricks. There are no magic words or scripts (don't believe if a book on Amazon promises this) to get people into hypnotic condition to buy from you.
Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a lot of psychology going on in the sales process. But if you're not into your product and company, if you're not into helping the client - no psychology shit will help you.

Start with your beliefs and values. Truly integrate them in your mindset, and you'll be surprised how many psychological tricks you're subconsciously using naturally.
All in all, psychological techniques are a tool, not a goal. Start with your purpose and intention to help.

4) Selling ice to an Eskimo = Selling Anything to Anyone

Honestly, that's the craziest and most popular bullshit I ever hear about salespeople.
First, a good sales rep will quickly disqualify a prospect that doesn't need his product.
Second, a good sales rep will start with learning the product features and benefits before starting to sell it.

People, I'm so happy you're reading this, please remember that this shit ain't working at all!
If you're a CEO or Head of Sales, to avoid wasting time selling what your buyers don't need:

- hire people who are interested in your industry;
- make sure all your sales reps know why your company and product are different;
- make sure all your sales reps know exactly why what they're selling is worth 10 times more than what you're asking for;
- make sure your sales and marketing work together and are complementary instead of being contradictory.

5) The more, the better

Here's a simple question for you, which salesperson you'd scale your company with:

a) the one who would sell to 3 out of 10 customers?
b) the one who would sell to 4 out of 20 customers?

The right answer is A. Not only A type will bring better skills and consistency, and thus reputation to your company. They'll also bring more clients while needing less marketing investment. This is called sales efficiency.

Always prefer quality over quantity, because the quantity is more comfortable to increase.
And in general, working hard won't really make you happy. working smart - will. Achieving goals based on strategy - will. Building your personal brand - will.

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